While we talk about the fitness icons and inspirations from the entertainment world, we can never miss out to mention a crucial name, Taylor Swift.

No wonder, the bombshell is as popular for her enviable figure as she is for her singing and acting!

taylor swift

Taylor has always paid special emphasis on fitness.

For her, fitness is something she can never overlook at any age, under any circumstances.

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However, her definition of fitness is not restricted to a sexy figure, but it also involves an active mind and an energetic body.

So, what is Taylor’s secret to a fat free body, how does she manage to live this healthy, or, what is her lifestyle all about, let’s find out!


Age: 28 years.
Height: 1.78m (5’10”)
Weight: 63kgs.
Measurements: 34-24-33 inches.


Taylor Swift’s lifestyle is not veiled to her fans. The bold and beautiful, Look What You Made Me Do singer is pretty vocal about her diet and workout routine.

Gazing at her svelte figure, one may wonder that her diet might be strict or she follows crash, but quite the contrary, Taylor Swift diet is fulfilling and easy to follow.

So, what is it about, let’s have a look:


Taylor Swift diet

  • If you wish to follow her diet or desire to bare a figure like her, you should first consider hydrating your body. The alleged lady love of Joe Alwyn ensures to hydrate her body through 5 liters of water a day- that’s right!
  • While most of us feed on fast foods owing to our hectic routines on weekdays, Taylor keeps it straight. Regardless of her schedules, she eats clean. Her choices revolve around sandwiches, salads and yogurt, which are not just light, but also packed with nutrition.
  • Taylor is quite against the consumption of sodas and sugary drinks. She never allows herself to supply the mere source of calories to her body and advises the same.
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  • Taylor does not mind giving herself some freedom on the weekends. Like all of us, she too, feels the urge to indulge in her favorite foods. Hence, she allows herself some fries and a small burger on weekends as a reward.
  • The fitness enthusiast takes eggs in the morning meal with a fine piece of ham. Her only alternate for water is orange juice.
  • Taylor believes in snacking, but her preference is always healthy. No matter where she is, at home or touring, she munches healthy. Seldom, the girl gives up against her uncontrollable temptations for cheeseburgers.
  • The girl also considers Swift shake for snacking. It is interesting to note that the shake encompasses some highly wholesome items that were suggested by, none other than, Dr. Oz.

Interestingly, a hearty diet and wise food choices is not the only contributor to Taylor Swift weight and health. Her trainings too, have a fair share in the maintenance of her spectacular figure.

Here are the details of Taylor Swift workout:


Taylor Swift workout

  • Taylor loves to train her body and is very enthusiastic about it. Despite being blessed with a toned physique, the shake it off singer gyms regularly.
  • The focal point of her workout is Cardio routine. She sweats harder in the gym, and let all the impurities and excess fat of her body exit through it.
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  • The beauty goes jogging in the morning for the elevation of her energy levels.
  • The contemporary singer has an impressive height. What add to her charm are her tall, shaped legs. To maintain their beauty and avoid bulkiness, she uses a treadmill.
  • The workout enthusiast never strives for a size zero figure. She is happy in her skin and very much positive about her body.


Taylor Swift fitness routine and lifestyle are quite inspiring.

There are tons of weight loss pills on the market but only few works good for the celebrities.

She is young, yet, quite a disciplined girl.

taylor swift before and after weight loss

Of course, she is a role model for her fans and she has to maintain her charm no matter what.

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As per the health and fitness experts, her diet and workouts are quite result-bearing. These habits are otherwise healthy and can be followed for weight management.

Connect yourself to the singing sensation, Taylor Swift through her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account and get an easy access to all her on goings, performances, appearances and lot more.